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Special Events: 

The museum offers special events throughout the calendar year to include afternoon teas, lectures, literary programs, community partnerships, craft shows, and more. Please check our schedule of events below every few months as it is updated seasonally.


Current Events: 

Check out our membership options, including special rates for students. Looking for a fun way to engage your children in history? Join our children’s
membership program. We are always looking for volunteers and interns
consider joining our team!
Tickets for our events can now be purchased online!
Please visit http://covatix.com and search for the event to make your purchase. We are looking forward to seeing you this year!

Summer 2020 Schedule


A Note on Tea Events: We regret that due to the size and nature of our facility, we are unable to provide accommodations for dietary needs or restrictions. All menus are set for each event and cannot be changed. Should you wish to attend one of our teas and bring your own food from home while partaking in our tea beverage service and event atmosphere, we can offer a discounted price of $15 for such occasions. Please make this request at the time you make your reservations.

Our teas typically include scones with jam or curd, three sweet items, three savory items, and our signature hot tea- Miss Eloise’s afternoon tea, which is a black tea with Jasmine. We do not offer additional tea options as we are not a restaurant or tea house and these special tea programs are designed with set menus. You are welcome to bring tea bags from home if you require decaffeinated options; we are happy to provide you with hot water, sugar, milk, and lemon as needed.

If you have additional questions about our tea menus or service, please call the museum at 623-9814.

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